Insatiable Trailer & My Take On The Backlash

There have been many a show on Netflix and other platforms of late that shed light on the various issues that people face in every day life – from mental health to weight.

Unpopular opinion: Not all shows glamorise serious issues, people that complain off the bat tend not to be open minded to the fact that these shows offer other ways to look at an issue. Some seem to jump to a conclusion straight away before giving it a chance.


An example of this is Insatiable.

Insatiable stars Debbie Ryan (Suite Life on Deck & Jessie) and is about a teenager in High School who was bullied for her weight. After an accident that sees her jaw wired shut, she loses the weight and decides to get revenge on all those who bullied her.

I read recently that people wanted this show cancelled before it has even aired (its comes out August 10) because it “fat shames”. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that this is incorrect opinion to have but, I think that people should watch the show first.

This is one persons perspective on how to overcome a trial in life. There may be other ways that suit somebody else.

Everything is open to interpretation and I think that shows shouldn’t be slammed until they’ve aired.

I went on online and there have been a mixed bag of reactions on Twitter.

These users have views that range on different ends of the spectrum. CLEARLY.

From the trailer, we’ve only seen some parts of a whole. That said, I might change my opinion once I’ve watched the show and say it is indeed fat shaming but, for now I’m going to keep an open mind.

Click here to watch : Insatiable Trailer

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