Adulting … It’s Harder Than It Looks!

It’s been almost a year since I graduated from University with a degree in Creative Writing. I’d like to say that everything is amazing, that I have my dream job and this “adulting” life is a breeze.

Unfortunately that is not the case. Even as I sit here typing… it’s like my fingers are unfamiliar with my laptop keys – I’m realising that the motivation just isn’t there…


Looking back, I think I did it better at University… “adulting” I mean. I really did, I paid my bills, had three jobs, managed to produce great peices of Creative Writing work while battling illnesses. I really thought I was doing great.

I still wasn’t prepared for the REAL THING.

Remember when you were a fresh faced 18 year old just starting out? You pictured graduating at 21, dream job by 22/23 a bae, then marriage and kids etc?


You didn’t picture that?

Well I did.

I thought I’d have it all figured out. I thought I’d be well on my way to everything I’d thought about in my head as a fresh faced 18 year old.

I’m almost 24 and what I pictured as a fresh faced 18 year old, hasn’t happened. As a matter of fact, it is no longer what I picture for myself.

I’m having quiet a rough time of late. I’m not telling you so that you can feel sorry for me. In fact this post, isn’t for you guys… it’s for me. It sounds conceited but oh well.

Sidebar: I said before that as I was typing away the motivation isn’t there. But, I kept going. I got back into the flow of things. Yay!

Yeah, yeah I went off topic. But that’s just my process.

What I’m trying to say is- in spite of my whining, is that I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m hoping things get better and I come out of this phase of “directionlessness” (yep. It’s a new word) but for now, I’m going to use this platform as my way of getting things off my chest and back on track.

2019 isn’t over yet.

My “adulting” expereince can only get better from here.

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