Short Story: Operation Sweet Escape.


I mentioned in my previous post My Writer’s Block Lasted Longer Than I Excepted, that using freewriting and writing bursts really helped me rediscover the love I had for creative writing.

At the end of this post is a short story that was inspired by a freewriting exercise I did when I was craving sweets… you read right. I said sweets! *cue eye roll 🙄*

I have a proper sweet tooth. A couple of weeks ago, I  was craving Haribo Tangtastics (my favorite sweets at the moment!) and I couldn’t go to the shop to get some or I’d end up locked out of my house (long story). So … what did I do? I wrote away my frustrations.

What started as a freewriting exercise about how much I like sweets (that’s literally all I wrote in my notepad… “I like sweets, I love haribos, I could do with some right now” over and over) turned into a short story from a childhood memory that popped into my mind as the pen moved across the page, making me smile.

When I was younger, myself and my family used to go on an annual Christmas retreat with our church, at the time. I used to look forward to these retreats because it was a time of fun and games where I got to hang out with my friends and just be a kid. We’d literally make up our own versions of games just to pass the time. (We did a lot of that before evening services and sunday school.)

I remember one time when myself, my brother and our childhood friends snuck out of our rooms before our dinner time, to “relieve” the cafe store cupboards of the boxes and boxes of sweets and chocolates that were meant for restock the next morning. 😂

🙈 Now, looking back taking the sweets and chocolates wasn’t the right thing to do, but we were kids and we were bored. When you’re a child you always find ways to keep yourself entertained. We wanted to have fun and that’s what we did. It’s a memory I look back and laugh at.

So here it is, the beginning of Operation Sweet Escape

Operation Sweet Escape


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