London Calling!

I spent the weekend in London for my birthday. Now those that know me, know that London isn’t an unfamiliar place to me. It’s the place of my birth, and I go there often to visit family.

I’d always wanted to go off my own back and not because I was with my mum or I had an errand to run.

This time I did “touristy stuff”. I made it a point to visit landmarks and take in the the sights the capital had to offer.

I went on the London Eye (in my opinion, you only need to go there once) I took in the London skyline and just appreciated the beauty of it all.

The weather was absolutely stunning. I love walking too, so it was a great opportunity to make the most of that. St. Paul’s Cathedral really is a sight to behold.

The weekend was full of exploring, walking and food. I was able to see London through a different lens. And there’s still some much I want to see. I had the best time doing things “out of the box”. I’ve now decided that I’m going to go to London at least once every two months and do “touristy stuff”.

It’s just the beginning of my adventures!

Peace & Love ❤️😊

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