Song of the Moment: Koryn Hawthorne – Won’t He Do It

So guys, I have another song that’s come up on my radar that I can’t get out my head or listening to.

Like countless songs before, and like the one I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, (check out My Song of the Moment: Ada- JESUS (You Are Able)) I heard this a while ago. I really need to start paying more attention to good music! 😂

I first stumbled across this song on the series Greenleaf. I’d also watched Koryn Hawthorne on someone’s YouTube channel and that’s when it hit me…. it was the same song! I didn’t know she was the one who wrote it, or that it featured on her debut album. In fact, I didn’t know much about her at all. I just thought she had amazing vocals.

Turns out that, at 21, she’s a Grammy nominated gospel artist, who shot to fame when she competed in The Voice US, where she was a finalist in 2015.

Here’s the link to Koryn taking part in a game of song association and talking a bit about her success and life as a gospel artist:

Won’t He Do It is one of my favourite songs right now. Koryn’s amazing vocals and the the rhythm make it impossible to forget! I do love a good bop – something I can do a little shoulder shimmy or rhythmic head nod to and this track definitely ticks the all the right boxes.

As I said, this song is such a bop! Honestly I play this song almost everyday. It’s a booster – automatically gets me dancing, but most importantly it’s reminds me that in any situation God’s working and He shows up EVERY TIME, we just have to believe it and trust Him.

I wanted to know more… do more investigating. I’m sure she had more brilliance? So what did I do? I checked out her debut album Unstoppable.

Honestly, this girl is so talented! I’m not surprised she’s topping the gospel charts and being nominated for Grammys! Her versatility in music genre is amazing. She tackles everything from County to RnB and still manages to get the message of the gospel and the different trials people go through in life across, which is a true gift.

Here’s the link to Won’t He Do It:

So, have a listen and I hope it blesses you!

Peace & Love ❤️😊

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