What In the World Is Going On?!

Lately I’ve been so riveted with what’s been going in UK politics. I don’t pretend to know everything that is going on but I have been following. These are purely my opinions. I’m going to go on a bit of rant and it may bot make sense but it’s very therapeutic!

Honestly it’s not looking good for Boris Johnson!

Boris Johnson was installed as the new Prime Minister after Theresa May stepped down. (We all know what happened there). And Boris’ brother has quit as an MP. Even his own brother isn’t here for his antics. (He has since then said he supports his brother in whatever he decides to do). In my opinion he tried to backtrack…but actions speak louder than words!

Boris Johnson is in way over his head here. I also think that he doesn’t actually believe in what he says. He says things to save face. The joys of being a politician.

Since his take over nothing he has said has made sense (to me) and we have seen no progress in actually leaving the EU amicably and with a deal everyone agrees or is comfortable with.

As a country we are in this mess because most people who didn’t vote, (the remainers an even some leavers) thought that leaving the EU would never happen so they didn’t vote.

And now look… tbh we made our bed we have to lie in it. At this point, even those who voted to remain in the EU just want reassurance the the government know what they are doing.

Our current government has no idea. And even Jo Johnson who is the PMs brother agrees. I mean if your own brother doesn’t back you… you should know there’s a serious problem. The PM is really out here trying to do what he wants, with a complete disregard to the protests of the opposition and even people in his own political party.

I dont think they’ll be a deal tabled and agreed before the 31st of October deadline. As I’m reading and watching the News, I’m yet to see a solution that stops the UK from leaving without delaying the process altogether.

What’s been happening in the commons has been a absolute joke. Admittedly, I find it all extremely entertaining, and worrying all the same time.

It’s clear to see that people in parliament have had enough of the government and it’s leadership. Quite frankly, we the public, have too! We’ve had 3 elections in the last 5 years, people quitting left, right and center.

All I’m constantly thinking is: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!? The last two Prime Ministers weren’t voted in by the public. And to me the so called democratic land we live in, no longer feels like a democracy!

Everyday it’s something new. Because we are so close to the deadline… everything has hit the fan.

Parliament are about to go on a break for around a month and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. For some reason the Prime minister thinks that he can make all these decisions and no one would question him or his motives.

Someone said that Boris like a “toddler throwing a tantrum”. It’s actually the best and only explanation for all this madness.

I’m only writing this because I wanna rant… most of what I’m saying is just out of frustration and sheer confusion as amazement of what UK politics has become.

But it not all doom and gloom. This is making young people wake up and pay attention to what is going on. More and more people are using their voices. More attention is being paid to what’s going on around us and I’m so here for it.

I’m just hoping and praying things get better.

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