Revisiting Short Story Writing: The Devil You Know (EXCERPT)

I have been revisiting my creative writing work over the last couple of weeks and I have decided to share a story I have written that’s in it’s beginning stages.

To be honest this story is something I wrote a year ago then forgot about but lately, I’ve been going back to it and start over – attempting to redraft.

I would really appreciate any and all feedback about form, structure, the writing and where you think it should go.

I’ve always been nervous about my writing but I’ve been trying my best to do it more despite my academic workload. (It’s very hard) I have also been trying to be more confident in my ability.

With that said … below is the link of the first half for expansion.!AvCXVUZ0f2-J0U3jVGeuFT9fE7Uf

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Peace & Love ❤😊

Becky x