I’m A Dreamer or I’m Dreamless…

It’s 5:46 am in the morning and I’m writing this post after having a very intense dream/nightmare about my older brother dying.

This is one of the worst nightmares I’ve had in a while. It was so real and at the same time, it was as if I was watching a Nollywood movie play out.

I don’t want to go into the details but the reason I’ve decided to write about this is because I tend to have dreams or nightmares at times when events or things are going to happen in my family. For example my older brother, David is planning on going to Nigeria for the first time on his own.

He’s been before but, this time he plans on going on his own.

Now, I don’t understand why I had this dream but, I do know it was for a reason – maybe a warning to him. Maybe. I don’t know.

When I dream dreams that don’t make sense to me, there is usually one person I can call to help me interpret or make sense of it and that’s my mum.

She always seems to know or have a sense of reasoning as to why I’m dreaming the way I am. It actually freaks me out. But I always feel better once I’ve spoken to her.

There’s a reason for everything and things happen in life at certain points so that we can learn from them that’s my take away from this morning’s ordeal.

It was the kind of nightmare you wake up crying from it felt so real.

Now I’ve calmed down and spoken and to my mum and brother, I know nothing bad is going to us or him. In the moment you just have a paralyzing fear. But I know this is not real. When he does go, he will get there safely and return safely.

Another thing this morning has got me thinking about is how I either have really valid, movie-like dreams, or I don’t dream at all. There is no in-between. Now, I know that’s completely normal, it would just be nice to have one or the other.

That said, I’m glad I have someone/ in my life who can decipher and help support me in confusing and troubling moments.

Just wanted to share that this morning.

Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x


  1. I am glad you’re feeling better and you have someone in your life you trust in moments like these. Clarity often comes when we are able to relax and release our fear, and in your calm after speaking with loved ones, you felt reassured that all would be well. I know all too well how real and frightening dreams can be. *hugs*

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