There’s A First For Everything! *UPDATE* *I should have posted this a while ago*

In a previous post, I wrote about how I was supposed to be going on a date and I got stood up.

Well, do I have more tea for you guys!

As I said towards the end of the post I had a back up to go and enjoy my weekend with my amazing friend turned big sis Cathy.

We get to this Nigerian restaurant/club; we are there eating, drinking and having a good time and who do I see? The person I was supposed to go on a date with that same night!

At this point, I think it’s absolutely hilarious but also I’m very confused.

If you didn’t want to see me why not just say? Save wasting both our times?

We say hello (I make it a point that I’ve seen them) they’re all awkward and clearly uncomfortable and in my mind I’m like “good!”

So the night passes without any other drama.

Fast forward a day or two later and I get a message from them basically saying that they’re sorry, they feel bad, they didn’t want to lead me on and had cold feet that’s why they didn’t message me or anything and that they’re more comfortable with me as a friend.

Okay…that’s all well and good but what my issue is, is this. Why arrange dates or be flirty or give compliments if you’re not sure about a person? You waste your time and more importantly, you’ll waste their time. So before you go into anything just make sure you’re sure.

Of course, there are times when you’re not sure from the start but communicate that and then go from there in deciding whether to move forward or not. Communication is key and comprehension is just as- if not more important – for both parties. If what is being communicated by both parties is understood it saves a lot of hassle!

Ghosting is not the answer. Nonchalance after being confronted is not the answer.

This exprience has opened my eyes and taught me a lot about people. I’m not even mad or upset about it because these things happen and for me it’s on to the next.

So… yeah that’s the update. Still here just living and moving through life.

Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x