In Light of Caroline Flack’s Death, It’s Understandable Why Love Island Is Under Fire…

I am still on this subject because it has opened up so many avenues for discussion.

I talked in the previous post about how we as a society have a “scapegoat” mentality, and this is evident in the calls to have Love Island the show cancelled.

I can see why members of the public have made this assessment. Although I’ve already expressed that, Caroline’s death had nothing to do with the show itself, I do believe that it does need to be cancelled.

In 2018 and 2019 two contestants from the show committed suicide.

Sophie Graddon, who was on the second series of Love Island took her own life on June 20 2018. According to reports she had been diagnosed with depression and had been taking medication for social anxiety disorder at the time of her death.

A photo of Sophie Graddon from her Instagram

Mike Thalassitis was on Love Island in 2017. He was reported to be in a “dark place” for months before he was found in a park in Edmonton, North London on March 16th 2019.

These were two people who came out of Love Island and were thrust into the limelight without enough support.

I strongly believe that Love Island’s producers need to be held accountable in relation to the aftercare of those who go onto the show.

Accountable is so so important! If you know that individuals have a history of mental health problems there should have been sufficient support and assistance at every level.

When deciding to write about this I actually went back through some articles and looked at my Twitter feed during these time periods what I recalled I saw left me disheartened.

When Mike Thalassitis left the villa the name ‘muggy Mike” followed him around everywhere and even at the time of his death the hashtag was trending. I was appalled because someone had just died and people were bring ing up a name that had negative connotations – probably a name he did not want to be associated with anymore.

In light of all this, I’ve actually noticed that ITV and the producers of many shows like Love island sweep mental health, and issues pertaining to well being under the rug, just to get ratings.

If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t have people like Dan Wotton on their screens or Katie Hopkins and even Piers Morgan.

As I’ve mentioned before accountability is so important. People who go on reality shows like this are human as well. I believe if sufficient aftercare was given to Mike and Sophie, then Love Island wouldn’t be in the firing line today.

If you know someone has a problem it is important to support in any way possible. As a show and behind the scenes they did not do enough!

Calls for the show cancellation can be justifiable. Love Island has run its course. After the last 2 years, I don’t think it would ever be the same again.