A Silent Battle (POEM)

Foreboding, menacing and haunting

The silence makes too much noise,

Never-ending echoes of regret,

Magnified sounds of mistakes past,

Foundations laid from the memories made

Things will never be the same

The walls are closing in

Suddenly I’m surrounded, drowning, slowly sinking

Suffocating under the weight of expectations,

I ask into the void

When will it all end?

It’s screaming at me, taunting me,

Fears that were long since buried,

Race up to the surface

The void that is supposed to be peaceful,

But it’s deafening, echoing in my ears

There’s a voice calling in the darkness

Willing me to listen

I recognise it – positivity

She’s trying so hard to be heard

Trying so hard to be heard over the negativity

The silence makes too much noise

And I lay wondering

Will it ever end?