Writing Exercise Using Prompts DAY 4 (2.4.2020)

Prompt: the words tired, happy and illusion

This is the tale of my tired happy illusion. Tired because I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in over two months. There seems to be a war raging within me. My emotions are all over the place. sometimes I am happy but then I realise that happiness is fleeting. When I think about all the chaos in the world it makes me think it will in fact come to an end at any given moment. As I said, happiness is fleeting. I am under no illusions. I am under no illusions everything that we share is authentic or real. We sometimes dont want to be authentic because that opens the door for people to judge pick and prod as we bare our souls. It makes us have to take responsibility for what it is we do and say and act. And know I’m seeing a brunch of faces float around in my mind, some are familiar some are unexpected this doesn’t make any sense. But seriously you can tell that I am tired becuase what I’m saying doesn’t flow everything is jumbled up then again I know that that makes sense because it’s the process of putting it on the page. The words are just flowing and I’m just writing the faces have gone. Everything is jumbled in a confused mesh of thoughts and feelings. I’m trying to explain becuase I’m feeling myself running out of juice… Okay. Pause. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale…
I’m just living in my tired, happy illusion.

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