Writing Exercise Using Prompts DAY 5 (3.4.2020)

Prompt: what do you think about when you hear the phrase, slippery slope?

Slippery slopes, life’s a path of slopes, slippery, hard, sliding, sloppy, wet. I this slope, you stop to survey how far you’ve come. Why are you here? In some cases, you’re on your ass looking up at the sky and you have no idea how you’ve gotten there. It’s a nice view though. Clear blue skies, a gentle breeze. Here you get the insight you need. A clearer path, a clear vision. The slippery slope sometimes has you on your back, and it’s concrete. The harsh and reality hits you in the face. You’re in pain, contemplating your next move but unable to see clearly through the haze of uncertainty, the regrets of the past. You’re at th bottom you’re exhausted breathless and all you think about is how you’re going to get yourself up. Then you remember it’s not by your own strength, you can’t keep dragging your feet alone. So you call on God, silently praying that He will get you out of your situation. This slope is now a mountain. A mountain that you have to climb. Instead of the paralysing fear that is accustomed to envelope and tightened around your heart, you grab your skis and glide down enjoying the exhilarating feeling of the air on your cheeks. Your sense of accomplishment has come back with a vengeance. As you’re nearing the finish line erupting all around you are the cheers and admiration of those around you who want to see you win.

My phone has a habit of auto correcting my writing but for these exercises I’ve turned the feature off as it’s very annoying when you’re trying to stay true to the process.

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Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x

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