“It’s More Of The Same” – Too Hot To Handle Rant/Short Review

I watched Too Hot to Handle. I’d been seeing it pop up on my Netflix feed but dismissed it because well “same product, wrapped in a different cover.” 🤷🏾‍♀️

My friend suggested to watch it then, share thoughts on the group chat, so I thought not.

These are some of my immediate thoughts/a general rant on the show that I’d shared with my friends and now on sharing it with you guys!

I’m over these kinds of shows to be honest. I’m tired of seeing people who don’t look like me on screen. I’m pretty sure some people in their 20s lik me don’t look like what i see on my TV. I’m over the sexualisation of it all!

However, I do believe they’re on the right track with the idea and workshops, the workshops really made me think. The no sex ban is a good way to look at relationship building though and the workshops focused more on the individual and internal growth, which I think is what missing with Love Island. That only focused on frivolous things like body counts, appearance, and outside opinion.

I’m deeping that this is how this generation is in terms of sex and intimacy and it’s sad so I guess it’s good that the workshops were there to work on the individual – I even learnt some things.

Hayley, Kori and Maddison are all people I’ve come across in life and I’m not here for it. All in all it’s an okay show but just over seeing the “sexy” people.

I might even do a proper review of the characters and workshops at a later date- if I can be bothered.

You can catch Too Hot To Handle streaming on Netflix.

Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x

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