Quarantine Chronicles: I Cut All My Hair Off

For the last three years, I’ve found that I randomly cut my hair on a whim and this time is no different.

Actually, I take it back this time is different because, I definitely had a “Britney” moment.

I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to my hair, those that know me can testify to that. I’ve been torn between growing my hair and shaving it into a low cut and or putting braids back in.

In 2018 I cut my hair and styled it and gave off butch lesbian vibes but I loved the look (see below).

Short back and sides 🙂

But the problem was, I missed my braids. For the longest time people kept telling me that I couldn’t do braids because my hair was too short. I was so frustrated I did something I vowed I’d never do… I relaxed my hair!

My hair relaxed August 2019

I was natural at this point but thought nevermind. BIG MISTAKE! It gave the length I needed for the braids but it thinned my hair out and damaged my hair line.

My braids in September 2019

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m back to my natural state but I still feel like it’s not how I want it. I loved my afro don’t get me wrong, I just had days where I wished it was longer and fuller.

I decided to ditch wearing wigs before the lockdown and packed away my favourite black and green ombre hair. I started have more days were I’d wear my “out” and “natural” or in my signature headscarfs.

Head wrap look January 2020

I have a massive hate relationship with my hair and the decision to cut it stems from that. My hair growth was going well but I just felt didn’t feel great about the rest of me in general so I decided that cutting all of my hair off when help…

In this lockdown that was no easy feat considering I couldn’t go to the barbers so I had to improvise. A pair of scissors, hair removal cream (I googled it’s safe to use on hair) and a razor got me from this …

24th April 2020

To this…

Bald me – May 2020

Full transparency I cried a bit when I’d finished and saw the hair on my bathroom floor. I was thinking what the hell have I done, people are gunna silently just my head shape, see the lumps, bumps and scars from my brain operation 11 years ago. But then I remembered I don’t care it’s part of who I am, a survivor. It’s done now and I’m going to embrace it. I’m looking at it as a fresh start and clean canvas for new hair growth. And hopefully everything else in my life will follow.

That said I might cut my hair again in a few months… who knows!

Peace & Love ✌❤


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