A MUST READ: We Are Not Okay and You Shouldn’t Be Either.

I read the post I’m sharing below and sat for a good 10 minutes just thinking. Thinking about the similarities myself and this writer share. In race, in life experience and in education.

Meg Guildford is a black graduate student who shares her experiences in light of recent events.

This is the harsh reality of it. Of the life of a black man, woman and child and what we face. This resonated deeply. There are battles I am facing internally, which I’m sure others are facing, when it comes to trying to get by in these times. It is easy for someone to give advice when they don’t know or experience the same things you do, in the same way you do.

This broke my heart. Right now is the worst time to be complacent. This isn’t the time to be silent!

Change needs to happen. And it has to start now!

Have a read of Meg’s story here and share it everywhere!

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