Enough is Enough.

DISCLAIMER: some images readers may be disturbing…

It’s been a week and honestly fighting internally and struggling to come up with the right words to articulate just how I’m feeling. I can’t get my head around everything. This might not even make sense but I don’t care.

Truthfully, there aren’t enough words to fully express how I feel but I know one thing is for sure ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The execution of George Floyd is just one in a very long, never ending line of murders that we as a black community have faced and are still facing. As long as I have darker skin it will always be WE, because that could have just as easily been me, my brothers, my cousins or my friends.

I was left speechless, angry, upset and frustrated. When will it end? When will those who oppress get the message? We are tired! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

There is only so many times a people can be knocked down before they rise up and retaliate… what we are seeing all over the world is a the response.

I’m not on social media but I’ve been following the various stories and opinions. One thing we must NEVER FORGET is that the UK government and those in power are not blameless in all this.

I was on YouTube the other day and saw comments like “the UK stands with you.” Yes, yes we do especially the black community and those who are advocates but, the UK are just as bad –  Police brutality is rife… lest we forget, Mark Duggun, Sean Rigg, Joy Garret & Cynthia Jarret to name a few.

This is why it’s only right that we hold everyone accountable! In however way we see fit and within reason. The importance of protests and petitions has always been the first point of call. We have to have our voices heard! Those that have taken to the streets are retaliating becuase ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I felt like I was silent because I honestly didn’t feel like I had a right words and I had his voice in my head as he was saying “I can’t breathe.” I even thought that I didn’t have a right be angry, that lasted 0.5 seconds, then it hit me in full force, I have a right to be angry. How can someone who is of sound mind think it’s okay to stand of someone’s neck despite their pleas?? It’s the same vicious cycle that we see daily.

We also have a right to turn to our friends and ask them… what are you doing in the face of this? I’ve come across people who’d say “I’ve got a black friend so I get it.” Or “I’ve got a friend who’s black so I’m not racist.” Until you’re ready to stand in the gap and be on the front lines these comments mean nothing. Be an advocate for change.

Unfortunerly, this is sometimes when people bury their heads in the sand. This is when foreign secretary Dominic Raab decides “very distressing” is a good way to respond and when insensitive so called leaders like Donald Trump think sending in the army when people are excusing their right to protest is the right thing to do.

I’m really struggling to get my head around this because this is when some people will use it as an opportunity for more violence overshadowing the main goals. Not everyone is out here looting and destroying businesses. The problem with the mainstream media is that they will always seem to focus of the escalation and not what leads to it.

The fact of the matter is that, if there is no justice, there certainly will not be any peace!

We all have a responsibility to each other to do something. As I said before, this is just one in a very long line of people to lose their life because of the colour of their skin, There’s only so much one can take. The fact that the man responsible was only charged after a petition was made spoke volumes to me. Why should we have to petition for a murderer to be charged with killing someone in broad daylight unprovoked? And even then this guy is being charger with third degree murder and not first degree murder. Third degree murder is when you kill someone unintentionally whereas first degree would be planned or premeditated. The moment Derek Chauvin decided to continue to apply pressure to George Floyd’s neck despite him pleading, was the moment this shifted from third to first degree murder. In my mind, if you’re ignoring pleas you have the intention of killing someone! Periodt!

If it was the only way around and it was a black man or woman who stood on a white mans neck, this wouldn’t be needed- chargers would be brought immediately and it would have been first degree murder.


Protests and marches and petitions will still be held in response until some drastic action is taken. We are not the enemy. As a community what we want is equality. People who think that that’s already been achieve need to take a long hard look in the mirror!

Some would even say, “it’s not on my door step, it’s got nothing to do with me.” People who think like that need serious help. Because it’s those people who will hinder change and if we want change it has to start on our doorsteps.

We are tired. I am tired. I’m tired of seeing the same thing but on a different day. I’ve cried, I’ve been angry but now all I want it to find a solution. And the solution right now is to march, petition, use social media to spread the word on how minorities are being mistreated. Keep on fighting!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s nothing new and until someone shifts globally we will still have this problem.

No justice! No peace!

Now is the time, to shout the loudest, be everywhere on every platform, every street corner, using our words,  standing together because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s time for change! Black Lives Mater! Our lives matter!

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