Why Is Racism Still A Debate in the UK?

Hey guys, I need your help!

I’m doing a major project for University. The end product I’m hoping will be a book with a collection of stories and experiences of people from a variety of different backgrounds. It is centred around the question: Why is racism still a debate in the UK?

I’ve seen this question fly around over the last couple of weeks, hell my whole life, so I wanted to do a collection of stories and experiences from people that answers the question.

What I would love from you is this: I need you to send me one instance in your life that stands out to you where you’ve experienced racism in ANY CONTEXT and the aftermath of it growing up how your thought processes have changed etc.

What did you learn or know about racism?

What your opinions are when someone asks why is racism still a debate in the UK?

So it should be set out like this:

• What happened.

• The aftermath and your thought processes growing up/moving forward.

• Your opinion when you hear or see someone ask why is racism still a debate.

For non the BAME community, I want you answer the same questions in the context that applies to you. Think about whether you’ve seen any racist acts or been racist.

Do you have friends family who’ve experienced racism?

What it your stance or how have things shifted for you?

Remember racism isn’t just about the words we use to someone’s face, it can be subtle and systematic.

Please can you send any and all contributions to bexojay@gmail.com with your name in the subject line. If you want to remain anonymous that’s okay too just let me know in the email.

You’ll be a great help by doing this. The conversation mustn’t end.

Also help me by sharing it on your sites on other social media platforms!

Thank you so much!

Becky x

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