Disclaimer: This is not aimed at anyone in particular, but if you’ve done this to me before, you now know what to do next time…

Unless I say it’s okay, do not think it is acceptable to just touch my hair without asking. It is as simple as that.

For too long I’ve been caught off guard or slow to react when people reach out and touch my hair or head.

More often than not, it comes out of nowhere and I’m left confused as to why people think it’s okay.

So for future purposes I’m writing this post.

It’s just plain rude. I’ve been silent becuase it’s usually friends that do it but, they should know better and I should always speak up when I don’t like how something is.

Now people might ask; what is the big deal? Well, think of it this way: you wouldn’t walk into someone’s house, without saying hello and automatically help yourself to the contents of their fridge without asking, would you? In the same way, you ask first before touching a black woman’s hair. Periodt!

I can’t speak for others but, for me personally, when someone just touches my hair without asking I feel disrespected and I just find it very patronising.

I’m all for admiring hairstyles, and I am always flattered when people say they like my hair and styles but, I’ve never understood why people just reach out and touch my hair without my permission.

It’s predominantly my white friends who do this. I know they probably think they’re not doing anything wrong which I can understand. Thats why educating is key. That said, they are not the only ones!

Again I say – it is rude!

So this is a post for all my friends, family and strangers who come across me and my hair.

Please don’t stretch out your hands to touch my hair. If you’re wanting to, please ask.

Next time someone touches my hair without asking, I’m calling them out because I’m tired.

Rant over 😊

Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x

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