My 25th Birthday!

Had my 25th birthday on Saturday 20th June 2020 and it was a really lovely day.

I had been debating what to do for around 2 weeks. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, everyone would be taking the necessary precautions to keep safe. Then the easing of restrictions began… we were now allowed to meet outdoors.

What better way to spend the day than with a picnic in the park? So that’s what I did; A Picnic in the Park with games and snacks.

View from my picnic location

At the start of the week I was stressing about the weather and thought my idea wouldn’t work if there was rain so I came up with a back up plan: I had asked my mum to make some hot food and decorate the living room in case of an emergency (rain). She did a really lovely job of it too!

I hadn’t seen my brothers or my mum in 4 and a half months – not the longest I’ve got without seeing them but this time was different. It was nice to come back to see them. As soon as soon as I got there though, it was like a normal day in the Sanyaolu household. I was cleaning up after my brothers while my mum was at work. Just a typical Friday, not the eve of my 25th.

The rain didn’t ease up on Friday either it was wet and grey so I was in full panic mode… it looked like my birthday plans would have to change.

Then Saturday morning came. The sun was shining, it was a nice warm day; a great day for a picnic!

I’d quickly realised that I wouldn’t be spending my time indoors but I didn’t  want the decorations to go to waste. What do I do? I have a mini solo photoshoot in the living room.

Picnic in the park outfit: keeping it casual

First outfit which was approved by mum. Not really a fan

Thanks to the big bro David for capturing the images. It wouldn’t have been a normal day if I didn’t rope my brothers into taking pictures with me too.

Daniel is always a good sport. David, on the other hand, you have to beg haha. This time though, it didn’t take much persuasion. I’m gunna say it’s becuase it was my birthday. It was nice to get pictures to add to the collection.

The broskiis

We set off after the mini photoshoot to the park. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. There were a few people that couldn’t make it that I really wanted to be there but, I’m glad I got to spend the day with people I’d grown fond of over the last couple of years.

The main highlight for me was listening to everyone talk about how they met me,  the memories we’ve shared, and the kind of person I am to them. Not to get too deep but, this lockdown has been very isolating, more often than not I have been struggling and felt alone. I did not realise the positive effect or the impact I’ve had on others.

These are people I see very rarely so I never thought I would have any kind of effect on them. They had so many kind words. I got very emotional listening especially when my brother spoke. It was nice to be appreciated. I really felt the love and positivity Saturday.

Another highlight was someone actually paying attention to my requests. I posted on WhatsApp, and said for my birthday I wanted a journal, notepads, new crime fiction books and most importantly money to help towards adulting. One of my friends bought me a journal and a crime thriller novel, it was so sweet!

I even got a birthday cake and I hadn’t had one of those since my 21st birthday party!

Butter cream birthday cake

Lady May’s Creations

This is the second year in a row where I have spent my birthday doing something chilled out and not too over the top. It’s definitely something I can get used to as I get older. Previously, I’d either be ill, at work or have exams to even think about doing anything, so this year, despite everything going on, I’m happy I got to do something.

Extreme Uno

In the middle of a pandemic is was nice to have social interaction for the day and catch up with old friends. With the easing of restrictions, I’m glad I had the opportunity to see family and venture out. I’m also grateful for those who travelled to come and spend the day with me. It’s nice when people come through to celebrate with you.

Before anyone complains, I provided hand sanitisers and my mum gave me masks in the event anyone would want one. Everyone who attended hadn’t been anywhere and this was the first time they had left their homes.

I know some people had their birthdays in lockdown unable to see family and were alone, that’s why I am so grateful and blessed I got to do this my way.

Thank you to my Mum for the decorations, food and listening to me stress. To my brothers for allowing me to drag you away from your daily routines of playing FIFA 😂

Thank you to David and Mayowa, Helsa and MJ, Marvellous and Prosper, Blessing, Lolu, Lawrence, Kene and Godwin for also taking time out of your days to spend time with me.

This next year of my life will be a great one, as I continue to grow and learn and just be.

Peace and Love ✌❤

Becky x

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