This Time It’s Different… Let Me Reintroduce Myself

My name is full name is Rebecca Moradėùn Anuoluwapo Oluwasuen Ukiebo Ogbeide-John. I go by Becky for short.

Instantly when you read my full name, your mind isn’t going to try and attempt to decipher how to say it all. You will probably retain with confidence the ‘Rebecca’ and the ‘John’. You might think I am making assumptions, But from experience, I am telling the honest and unfortunate truth.

That is where I want to start – my heritage.

I am born of Nigerian, West African Heritage and I am from the Yoruba and Ishan edo tribes. Two tribes who have a long history of division, two tribes who still, to this day, have bad blood. And I happen to be from both sides.

I am a proud Nigerian woman. I am a proud British woman. I am a proud Black woman. With these statements comes its challenges, especially dealing with identity, race and the social constructs of this society we live in today. There has been so much I have experienced in my daily living, especially growing up as a black girl in the UK, in relation to racism and discrimination. I have decided I am going to be sharing more of those experiences and “saying thing with my chest” meaning saying things without worrying about the censorship of it all or worrying about what people think. These are my experiences and no one can invalidate them.

I’m going to writing more about my heritage – the things I love and hate. I’ll be writing about how I view the world.

This will be a platform for me to share my experiences the best way I know how – through the written word. I want this out in the world so I can educate but I also go on my own journey and take back the power from those I didn’t speak up against or educate.

In this break from blogging I’ve been having more open conversations that have allowed me to critically reflect on what it is that makes me, me. Unfortunately, a lot of things have pissed me off than made me happy and that is the sad truth. But it isn’t all bad. I have also discovered a major shift in my wants and needs, which I think is great for the times we are living in now. Consistent growth is needed to be the best version of myself. Times are changing, there have been a shift in my thought processes and how I view the world, so I decided there is no better than now to make changes to my blogging style.

So here I am…

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