About Me!

Hey guys,

British born Nigerian raised, I thought I’d do a little page telling you about about me and why I started this blog after I graduated back in 2018.

I am a middle child with 2 brothers. Being the only girl I found that I had take one a lot of responsibility that came with being born into my culture. I grew up fast. But when I was younger I always felt I faded into the background – like I had a smaller voice than everyone else around me – writing was my way of having my voice heard.

Now in my mid 20’s, I am a lot more confident than I was as a preteen. I still make mistakes and I do have my flaws. I have a lot to learn but I also know I have a lot to teach too. It’s for these reasons that I started up this blog.

I had just graduated a with a degree in Creative Writing and needed somewhere I could channel all that creative energy (I realised pretty quickly that I was not going to get a graduate job straight away and I was okay with that). This was an opportunity for me write more, to be more expressive about things I am passionate about, to be more expressive about things that I’m not so passionate about but question. Be random and weird. (I think weird is the new normal!) Think out loud!

It was and still is an opportunity for me to show my personality through my words.

My blog is like an extension of my brain… there are a lot of random posts, some are sad some are entertaining, some are giving information, there is no structure, deliberately. Some days I feel inspired other days I don’t. I leave it all on my blog, inviting you into my world. This is where I am free to write what I want (within reason) ushering those who dare to browse and read into the “organised chaos”.

I hope you enjoy each post as I keep sharing!

Peace & Love ✌❤

Becky x